The Best Board Portal Software

The board software is a specialized program for a narrow circle of users – executive bodies who have to attend meetings and issue or execute instructions. This article will explain the role of this software in organizing board meetings and reviewing the best software vendors. 

Board portal – a new digital solution for managing online meetings

The demand for digital technologies for business is increasing day by day. Such innovations make business more flexible. The enterprise quickly adapts to market trends and reacts to external factors of the economy. For example, using a system for processing large volumes of data in real-time gives a huge advantage over those who have not yet implemented Big Data technology: based on the information received, companies can predict future customer preferences and respond to them in time. Act in advance. And this is just one of the possibilities that big data opens up. In addition, automation of the company’s business processes significantly reduces operating costs and the need for labor resources.

Digital transformation gives the company additional competitive advantages. Data is not only used to record the status of a production process or business results; today, data is a new profitable business asset. Therefore, collegial bodies also look for new ways to digitalize their activity. Board portal software is a good way to make the board’s activity more transparent and productive.

The board portal facilitates the management of the online board meetings that take place in the company regularly. To schedule the next meeting, you need to start the process in the system and specify the meeting type. Then, the system will create an event and fill in the main parameters of the meeting. The users can create tasks, describe them, assign executors and observers, and comment on the issue’s progress in the task card.

So, among the highly-estimated board portal providers, there are:

    • Boardmaps
    • Diligent
    • Nasdaq
    • Govenda
    • OnBoard
    • Sherpany
    • Azeus-Convene
    • DocSend
    • Boardadvantage
    • Boardeffect
    • Simbli.

Board software for productive board meetings

Board meetings are a key tool for verbal communication among board participants. However, the effectiveness of meetings depends on their preparation, processing, and tracking of the results meetings. Board collaboration tools help your managers, your team, and yourself stay up to date on project progress, which can change and you may not always be able to keep track of. The meeting management module supports the preparation and holding of various events at all stages – from planning and inviting participants to forming a protocol and monitoring the implementation of decisions. Also, an increasingly demanded functionality in the preparation of documents is automatic routing following predefined parameters. Appropriate tools in the board software provide everything you need to organize any necessary parallel and sequential stages of approval of draft documents.

Board software as a secure workspace

Accumulation, clear systematization of documents and the availability of standard templates and forms greatly facilitate the maintenance of project workflow. The necessary documents are always at hand within a single information space.

The board software document storage module allows you to:

    • Organize a single archive of project documentation;
    • Differentiate access rights to documents;
    • Systematize documents both on implemented and current projects, programs, and portfolios;
    • Structure documents by categories/catalogs;
    • Provide advanced search across documents, including using tags;
    • Store versions of documents and view the history of their creation and approval;
    • Organize storage and access to document templates;
    • Link documents to the stage of the life cycle of projects with the definition of the composition of mandatory documents for the transition to the next stage.